A Letter From the Owner

My Friends and Neighbors….

I have always in my position as owner of RPG Resource been completely up front and honest with everyone involved and using our services. This week we had a server incident, the Obsidian Fleet simulation, USS Rook was hacked. This was caused when the install.php file was left in the FTP file group, using this hack the offender reset the passwords and gained entry into the site.

As you know RPG Resource does a complete and total back up of its files once every 24 hours, however this back up is auto deleted at the close of the current cycle, due to our server size restrictions we have to delete this total backup. Because of this I was unable to repair the site, but spent an entire day working to get the site back up and running.

When I created RPG Resource 2 years ago I saw a need for a person to
provide web service to Simm Managers that could not afford their own
hosting. With the current state of the Economy the need grew and so did RPG Resource, we rose to meet the challenge and purchased the rights to a Virtual Dedicated Server. I did this at my own expense, not because I wanted to further my career but because I wanted to help people. Because I wanted to provide people with the same opportunities that were given to me when I started in simming. We grew further and so I added more staff, and a full service graphics division.

RPG Resource continues to provide each CO with Free Internet Hosting
Services, we have asked nothing in return, no allegiance of loyalty, no
demands on our CO’s, and no payment in return.

Right now, there are people that in discussion of leaving RPG Resource
because of this incident and if you do I want the same thing that I have always wanted. You to have hosting, and your simms to be successful regardless of what Fleet you are a member of.


David, Owner RPG Resource

I have Elected To Allow Comments for this Letter For Your Replies


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