Changes Coming to RPG Resource

With the mass amounts of requests per week this organization receives the owner of RPG Resource has decided that internal changes will be required in order to keep up with this demand. To that end and with the introduction of NOVA we are working with in to train using this program, and to assist those in need.

The Problem with the introduction of a new program lies in the demand for it. Currently RPG Resource hosts more active simulations than any simulation host in existence today. We have grown beyond what I ever imagined for this endeavor, in order to maintain my own sanity, and the sanity of my hard working personnel. I have elected to close applications for new simulations. This decision was hard to make considering the fact that we are able to handle countless more. But with an average of 4 to 10 Nova Upgrades a day, and the strain on the graphics department to skin them the choice was easy. We must maintain what we have instead of looking toward the future.

RPG Resource does have commitments to our partners in Obsidian Fleet and we will meet these obligations head on. However, new simulations will have to contact Ownership directly in order to get new service.

This will be a limited change in our service with many more updates to follow please check this page in order to get the news you need.


David, Owner RPG Resource


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