Six-Player Puerto Rico

One of the things that makes Puerto Rico such a great game is its scalability. It plays great with five, with four, with three...there's even an excellent two-player variant! All these games have a different feel to them, but they all play remarkably well. I don't usually like to extend games to numbers of players outside of their published range, but when a game shows such versatility, I can't help myself. Here's my (untested) attempt at letting a full half-dozen players enjoy Andreas Seyfarth's marvelous creation. You'll need two copies of the game in order to come up with the necessary components.
* Use 140 Victory Points.
* Use 115 colonists, plus 6 to start with on the Colonist Ship.
* Use three ships of size 7, 8, and 9. (The simplest way to do the 9 ship is to use a 4 and 5 ship together.)
* Add one more quarry and one more plantation of each type.
* Add one more barrel of each goods token.
* Add one more of each of the first column purple buildings (the ones that only get a 1 quarry discount).
* Each player starts with 4 doubloons.
* The first three players begin with an Indigo plantation; the second three start with a Corn plantation.
* All eight Characters are used.
* Expose seven plantations at the beginning of the game and following each Settler phase.
* Use the standard eight Characters, plus add the following ninth Character:
Tax CollectorAction: None
Privilege: The Tax Collector chooses the item to be taxed that turn. He may choose either one gold piece, one colonist, or one barrel of any specific good. He must possess the item being taxed. Every player, including the Tax Collector, must remove one of the chosen taxed items from his display and return it to the bank. If colonists are chosen, each player chooses which colonist to lose. If a player doesn't have the item being taxed, she loses a Victory Point instead. If such a player doesn't have any Victory Points, she doesn't lose anything.
* Gameplay is the same as in the standard game. After six Characters have been chosen, add a coin to the remaining three, return the other Characters, and have the Governor rotate to the left.
* The game-ending conditions are the same as usual. If the end of the game is triggered by either a lack of colonists or a lack of Victory Point chips and, due to the actions of the Tax Collector, the depleted resource is returned to the supply, the game still ends at the end of that round. Thus, for example, it is possible for the game to end with VP chips still in the supply (if some were returned after the supply had already been depleted).
* In case your Republican friends disapprove of taxes in general, here's an alternate six-player variant that doesn't use the Tax Collector. Only use the standard eight Characters. On each round, only five players get to choose a Character (the player to the right of the Governor does not). After the end of the fifth player's turn, add one coin to each unchosen Character and turn in the chosen Characters. The Governor for the next round is the player to the *right* of the previous Governor (that is, the player who didn't pick a Character that round). So no player turns are ever skipped; you just do five turns a round and then the next player begins the next round as the new Governor.


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