Variant for Monopoly The Card Game

The game is for 3 or 4 players.  Remove one Chance card from the deck.  Play as usual, with the following exceptions:
•     The remaining Chance card is not a wild card.  Instead, it is part of the Dark Blue monopoly, which now consists of three cards.
•     All trades must involve at least two cards on each side.
•     If a player begins his turn with no cards in his trade pile, he has the option of playing two cards to his pile prior to making a trade.
•     The token cards are divided into three sets of two.  The Race Car is paired with the Battleship; the Iron with the Thimble; and the Top Hat with the Wheelbarrow.  A matched pair of tokens is worth the total value of a Monopoly.  Unmatched tokens have no value; moreover, players cannot go out if their hand has an unmatched token card.

Going Out

•     Players do not receive bonus cards for going out.
•     If a player’s only action on her turn is to go out, she gets a bonus of $500.  A player has the option of going out on the same turn that she draws or trades.  If she does so, she does not receive the $500 bonus.
•     If a player draws the last card from the stock, he finishes his turn and the hand ends, with each player scoring their hand.


•     GO cards are worth $100, not $200.
•     If the player who goes out has any Mr. Monopoly cards in her hand, check to see if she has more of these cards than any other player.  If not, then the player who went out scores nothing for the hand.

•     The first player to reach $6000 wins.


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