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Variant for Monopoly The Card Game

The game is for 3 or 4 players.  Remove one Chance card from the deck.  Play as usual, with the following exceptions: •     The remaining Chance card is not a wild card.  Instead, it is part of the Dark Blue monopoly, which now consists of three cards. •     All trades must involve at least two cards on each side. •     If a player begins his turn with no cards in his trade pile, he has the option of playing two cards to his pile prior to making a trade. •     The token cards are divided into three sets of two.  The Race Car is paired with the Battleship; the Iron with the Thimble; and the Top Hat with the Wheelbarrow.  A matched pair of tokens is worth the total value of a Monopoly.  Unmatched tokens have no value; moreover, players cannot go out if their hand has an unmatched token card. Going Out •     Players do not receive bonus cards for going out. •     If a player’s only action on her turn is to go out, she gets a bonus of $500.  A player has the option of going out on the sa…

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