This Frequently Answered Questions(FAQ) page is meant to be a comprehensive guide to help you in your never-ending quest to build a website to your specifications. This list is by no means complete and there will always be questions out there that aren’t covered here. With that said, please take a look at the following inquiries:

1. What services does RPG Resource provide?
RPG Resource tries its very best to ensure that whatever request is made, we’ll try to make it happen. RPG Resource provides unlimited webspace, unlimited bandwidth, a domain address, and your very own FTP account. RPG Resource installs your SMS program for you because the initial process requires a couple highly specialized codes. If you wish, you’re also allowed to have your very own forums and wiki – but you must request for these by emailing RPG Resource.

2. What is FTP and what is it used for?
File Transfer Protocol(FTP) is the tool that you use to customize your website to your own wishes. Once a website request has been granted,RPG Resource will provide you with specific information relating to your FTP codes. Once you have your FTP information, RPG Resource highly recommends that if you don’t have one already, to go to a search engine (Google, Yahoo, etc.) and find an FTP program that you can use to manage your own website. With this information, you’re able to upload images (skins, ranksets, awards, etc.) to your SMS program. We highly advise against editing the SMS files in your FTP as this can cause problems, but if you happen to do this regardless, please contact RPG Resource.

3. Am I allowed more than one website?
In short, yes.

4. Am I allowed to let someone else manage my website for me?
In short, yes.

5. Am I all by myself to do the SMS updates on my own?
Most definitely not. While RPG Resource encourages you to develop and maintain your own website, you’re never left out in the dark when it comes right down to it. If it is your wish, RPG Resource will update your SMS and any other programs associated with your account, should you have them. If given a reasonable amount of time (2 weeks) has passed, and RPG Resource hasn’t updated your programs for you, please contact RPG Resource.

There has been a great deal of discussion considering the use of the new Nova Program that has is in Beta Testing Mode for Anodyne Productions. Until such time as Anodyne releases the Nova Program with a fully compatible SMS upgrade system RPG Resource will not support or recommend upgrading SMS to the Nova System while it is in candidate mode. We have been assured that they are working on an easy installation process for the Nova System and we will roll out these updates when they are available.

6. What support does RPG Resource Provide?
RPG Resource is not the makers of the SMS System, phpbb, SMF forums, or Media Wiki, and do not provide direct support for these products. However we have experience with some errors that crop up along the way. Email support with your questions however, we at times have to research these problems with the companies that make these programs. We work hard to provide service as we can. Please keep that in mind when asking for RPG Resource Support.

7. What is the policy for inactive accounts?
Any account that has shown no activity in a period of 30 days is subject to deletion by the Administration. Please note that RPG Resource is not required to notify you in advance of violation of the Inactive Account Policy.

8. Does RPG Resource accept transfers from other hosting sites?
Yes you will need to contact support at support@rpgresource.net and inform them of your transfer. If running SMS, TRSM , SPMS or another system you must provide a copy of your FTP files in zip format only. And a SQL dump in SQL format only. After you provide this information we will gladly create your account and get your site up and running.

9. Why do some sites have .net and some sites have .org?
In order to balance the traffic between our dedicated servers and to serve the needs of our clients we moved all Independent Sims to our .org domain. It is our wish to keep the speed and bandwidth requirements equalized there is no difference between the two servers except for the IP’s in which they connect.

10. Can I have my own domain and register it with RPG Resource?
No, not at this time, this is something that we will be working on in the future and will roll out sometime shortly.

11. Are there any restrictions on what I can host on the server?
Yes, any images or videos of an adult nature found on your account will be deleted with out any questions asked of the owner of the account violations will be warned, further violations will cause the account to be deleted.

12. Are there any off-limits games?
We’d like to be able to say “no” to this, but unfortunately, there are some restrictions. Due to copyright issues, we cannot allow any of the following sim names: Enterprise, Deep Space Nine (9), Defiant, Voyager, Stargazer, Columbia, Premonition, Excelsior, Reliant, Valiant, and Titan. Special circumstances may occur, in which case RPG Resource will ultimately determine if any of the above names can be used.

13. Do I have to pay to play?
Nope, not at all. RPG Resource is a free service provided to our clients. If you’d like to donate, please go to here: Donate

Thank you for reading. Should you have any questions that haven’t been covered by the above, please contact RPG Resource and tell us about them.


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